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Can inflammation be the underlying cause?

Arthritis, gingivitis, heart disease and psoriasis are conditions that affect very different parts of the body, yet they all have something in common: inflammation. Inflammation also plays a role in dozens of other conditions, from allergies, eczema, bowel disease and autoimmune disorders like lupus to macular degeneration and memory loss.

Inflammation is your immune system’s first reaction against infection. The injured area often becomes hot, red, swollen and painful. The heat is produced by the increased blood flow to the injured area. Redness occurs because the battle and repair processes are underway. The area usually becomes swollen because of all the fluid and immune cells at the site. Pain is often the first indicator of inflammation.

Inflammation is an effective way of ensuring that invaders do not enter your body and create havoc, but when it becomes low-grade and chronic, your immune system’s army stay revved up and damages healthy issue in the crossfire. 

Stress, bacteria, viruses, parasites, environmental toxins, certain foods, smoking, high blood insulin levels and obesity are just a few of the factors that promote inflammation.

Foods you choose can either promote or prevent inflammation. Foods containing arachidonic acid, such as organ meats, beef, dairy products promote inflammation. Through a complicated process the body breaks down arachidonic acid into inflammatory compounds.

Emphasize on eating six servings of vegetables and one serving of fruit everyday. These are foods that have a low rating on glycemic index, meaning the body takes longer to break them down into blood glucose. They are the best choice for reducing inflammation.

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How can probiotics benefit you?

Years of antibacterical overuse, in everything from soup to toothpaste, have left our “good” gut bacteria severely compromised. The thriving population of these bacteria helps not only our digestion, but overall immunity as well. By reinforcing these strong gut soldiers, called probiotics, we strengthen from the inside our defenses against bad bugs, yeast, and other intestinal infections.

Many delicious foods have high levels of these beneficial bacteria, including yogurt, miso, and fermented and unfermented milk. Unfortunately, many of these foods are an acquired taste, and if you don’t appreciate the sour tang, you might not get their health benefits.

A recent meta-analysis of 31 randomized, placebo-controlled studies, published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology, found the probiotic S. boulardii could be “strongly recommended for the prevention of antibiotic-assoicated diarrhea and traveler’s diarrhea. Plenty of promising research suggests that probiotics can:

  • keep harmful pathogens from implanting in the intestinal wall
  • improve the function of the mucous lining of the intestinal tract
  • help manage symptoms of IBS
  • help recover from intestinal, vaginal, urinary tract infections
  • help prevent and reduce severity of colds and flu

With the various benefits of probiotics, one should definitely try to incorporate more foods that are high in beneficial bacteria into the diet, or simply spend 5 minutes and picking out a bottle at the store. High-quality probiotics supplements are generally available in the refrigerated sections of your health food store.


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