Seattle Naturopathic and Acupuncture Center is located conveniently in the University District, on 45th St and Roosevelt St (just off I-5), next to the PetCo. and the Mac store (the Kennedy Building).

Free parking is available in the underground parking of the building.

905 NE 45th St., Ste B
Seattle, WA, 98105


5 responses to “Contact

  1. Corynn

    Hi Dr D,

    I’ve been trying to kick sugar for a long time. I’ve managed to quit drinking alcohol and caffeine in the past, but I keep going back to sugar. I get all the usual withdrawal symptoms: bad mood, anxiety, fatigue, headache, weakness. But I also get horrible stomach cramps, vertigo, and sometimes panic attacks.

    My friend likened my addition to a heroin addict, which made me start wondering if it was possible to go through a detox process at a hospital, like they have for other chemical dependencies. Have you ever heard of something like that?

  2. corynn

    My question was actually specifically about whether there was such a thing as detox for sugar. I am aware of methods of reducing cravings, but that doesn’t seem to have an affect on withdrawal symptoms.

  3. Megan Rowland

    Hey! I have been trying to find a naturopathic family doctor as I am having a baby in June and am trying to find a pediatrician/family doctor alternative. Do you take patients that young?


    • Hi Megan,

      We see patients of all ages, specializing in skin and digestive conditions. You can also check out Naturopathic Family Medicine. They would do more of a well-rounded peds care. Good luck!

      Dr. L

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